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Marmot herbal ointment cooling 100ml 

Cools like fresh mountain air - pleasantly calming. Natural ointment with valuable Swiss marmot oil and strong herbs. The marmot herbal ointment cools your joints, ligaments and tendons mildly but deeply. A pleasant cold therapy for your body after daily activities such as sports, work and leisure. This marmots ointment brings you relief.



Apply the Marmot Herbal Ointment to the desired areas of the body such as joints, ligaments or tendons (do not massage strongly). The marmot ointment is very suitable for skin care and can be applied several times a day. Of course, it is also well tolerated by children.


Application notes
By adding a drop of pure marmot oil you can increase the strength of the marmot ointment during application.



The marmot herbal ointment is purely natural and free of artificial preservatives, fragrances and colourings. It contains chamois fat, olive oil, deer fat, marmot oil, wallwort, hay flowers, marigold, St. John's wort, badger fat, mint, arnica, marsh porridge, paracress and spruce needles.

  Puralpina Marmot herbal ointment cooling 50ml Swiss Made

Manufacturer: puralpina, Vorderhasli 1, CH-3714 Frutigen

Distributor: Swiss Made Shop, Schmiedemattweg 4, CH-3629 Kiesen


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Marmot herbal ointment 

Since 1992, Puralpina has been carefully producing the marmots and herbal ointments by hand in Frutigen. Only 100% pure marmot oil from Swiss hunting is used for the marmot ointments. This ensures that the marmots lived in their natural habitat. Together with selected herbs, oils and fats, these unique and powerful mixtures are the result. 


Natural and skin-friendly

The marmots ointments are purely natural. It is completely applied on artificially produced preservatives, fragrances or dyes. This makes the marmot herbal ointments very compatible. These ointments are produced on the basis of gem fat, olive oil and marmot oil. You can use our marmots ointment several times a day. It is also suitable for children. The marmot herbal ointments can simply be applied or massaged into the desired part of the body such as the back, muscles or joints. The ointments penetrate deep into the tissue through the skin. In a natural way, the mild and lasting power brings you pleasant relaxation and relief after daily activities such as sports, work and leisure. Marmot herbal ointments are also suitable for skin, hand and foot care. The marmots' ointments support your recovery process and help you to enjoy exercise for a long time.


Murmot herbal ointment warming

This naturally pure marmot ointment with valuable Swiss marmot oil and strong herbs penetrates deep into the tissue through the skin, warms and provides pleasant relaxation for the back, muscles and joints. The mild and lasting deep warmth provides the body with soothing relief. The massage of the marmots herbal ointment before and after exercise and sport cares for your body. This marmot ointment supports your muscles in the recovery process.


Marmot herbal ointment cooling

This purely natural marmot ointment made from valuable Swiss marmot oil and strong herbs cools your joints, ligaments and tendons mildly but deeply effective. A pleasant cold therapy for your body after daily activities such as sports, work and leisure. The marmot ointment penetrates through the skin quickly into the tissue and brings soothing relief in case of overuse.


Should I warm or cool?

Selected and strong herbs give our marmots ointments a warming or cooling effect and the pleasant herbal fragrance. In combination with the marmot oil, the herbs unfold their full power. With every application it is good to know whether you should warm or cool. You can hardly make anything worse with the marmots ointments. However, the success with the matching marmot herbal ointment is considerably greater. Warming is often necessary, but not always. If in doubt, ask your doctor or therapist for a tip. And if you simply want to try it out for yourself, we recommend the marmot pharmacies in our store.


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Storage and shelf life

The natural products with marmot oil have a long shelf life. The marmot herbal ointment, the marmot oil and the massage oils should be kept cool and protected from light. It does not have to be the refrigerator. The cupboard of the medicine chest is sufficient for this. If stored correctly, the marmots ointments, marmots oil and massage oils will keep for 2 years. The expiry date is indicated on the products.



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