3D humidifier paint

3D Luftbefeuchter Paint ohne Dekorfolie
$252.40 incl. VAT, excl. Shipping Costs
Brand: NeconoNecono
Choose deco foil, mandatory for wooden walls


plastic (SAN), cellulose (wood), beech wood
B 40cm, H 107cm, T 12 cm
2.0 kg
In Stock
Basic unit
Panel for Evaporation (1 Piece)
Chalk-absorber (5 Pieces)
Necono AG VDE c/o
Werkstätten St. Josefshaus
DE-79618 Rheinfelden Baden
Tel: 0041 55 270 77 92

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Due to the hydro pneumatic function of the 3D air humidifier, the use of electricity can be completely dispensed with. The humidification system filled with tap water is hung on a wall like a poster. At regular intervals, the water flows over the decorative humidification poster and continuously releases moisture into the living space. With the integrated "Stop-and-Go" function, the water flow is permanently adjusted to the humidity of the room and optimally controlled. Only the water tank has to be refilled from time to time. An innovative interval control system enables the lime to be removed from the appliance. At the same time, the formation of unwanted germs is suppressed. If desired, a separate device can be used for the addition of essential oils.



- currentless operation

- no fan noises

- high efficiency

- no heat source

- hygienic and automatic air humidification

- space saving

- ergonomic height is freely selectable

- decorative wall embellishment

- individual options of design combination




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