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The origins of today's Gottlieber Hüppen date back to the 18th century. Even the French Emperor Napoleon III was an enthusiastic connoisseur of the Gottlieber speciality. The secret of Gottlieber's baking art has been passed down through generations. 1928 saw the birth of the traditional Swiss company Gottlieber Spezialitäten AG.

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For many chocolate and speciality lovers, Gottlieber products are considered pure pleasure. So to say the culinary heritage of Switzerland. Gottlieber's confectionery art is constantly being refined and optimised. The high quality standard of the company ensures the consistent enjoyment of the products manufactured, which is why the Gottlieber Hüppen have been recommended for generations and are still popular with young and old today.

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In the traditional Swiss factory, the wafer-thin warm crêpes, no thicker than 0.7 mm, are still baked individually and rolled like the leaf of a precious Havana cigar. Customers from all over the world appreciate the pleasure of gourmet filling and chocolate from traditional recipes.

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